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Group Fitness Classes

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Women and Weights

With Shelley

Learn safe and effective strength training methods for the female body. Feel stronger, understand hormone and cyclic effects to complement your training, and lift with a rad group of women!

Mom-Strong Post Natal Fitness

With Shelley

Big Boys Club

With Shelley

Strength, power and conditioning for men only. General strength adaptations to keep you strong for life, playing sport injury free and improving the dad-bod profile

General Strength Sessions

With Shelley

General strength and power training for men and women. Learn safe and effective ways to load and move your body, keeping you strong and resilient for life

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Skiing with ski poles

Strength and Conditioning

With Shelley

Train your inner athlete with a class designed to load your system with strength and training exercises AND build your engine with unique conditioning strategies. Class open to men and women

Nordic Dryland

With Shelley

Get ready for nordic ski season with sport specific strength and power training

Spine and Hip Health Class

With Derek

This class will be focusing on rehab and performance of the spine and hip. Training will include everything from low impact exercises targeting specific joint health, to performance exercises using appropriate loading.


Most sessions will follow a training template prepared by the coach. The template may be modified based on class and individual goals/needs. Sessions will include:
- A warm-up (approximately 10 minutes)

- A compound movement: This refers to an exercise that includes multiple joints and applies a training load to large muscle groups. Ie. Squats, hinges, deadlifts, kettlebell swings etc.
- Mobility exercises for the hip and spine
- Stability exercises for the hip and spine
- Exercise assessments as needed for tracking progress and performance

Squat Group
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