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Senior Physiotherapy

GLA:D Canada
Hip and Knee Program

Education and exercise program for those with stiff and/or painful hips or knees or those with hip or knee osteoarthritis. 

Mountain Range

The Program

Research from the GLA:D program shows participants report less pain, reduced use of pain medication, fewer individuals on sick leave and becoming more physically active.
This has lead to improvements in their function and quality of life. 

The GLA:D Program is supported by Bone and Joint Canada, The Arthritis Society and the Canadian Orthopaedic Foundation


Initial Assessment $105 

Each group session is $35 for a total of $490 for the entire program

Receipts will be provided for submission to any extended health benefits. 

Book your initial assessment online or by calling the clinic.

Next Program start date:
April 23rd
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00-10:00 am

Running a Race
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