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Micah Medinski

Physical Therapist

Micah graduated from the University of Alberta with a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy. Prior
to this, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Alberta. Leading an active lifestyle has always been an important part of Micah’s life, as he spent years growing up near the mountains and enjoying all the great activities the area has to offer.  Finding opportunities to help others find their active lifestyle is what drew him to Physiotherapy.

Micah understands the importance of being able to participate without any pain or limitations. He
believes in a client centered approach to health care which includes helping clients better
understand their injuries, using targeted manual therapy technique, dry needling and developing
individualized therapeutic exercise programs with clients to help them progress back to a fully
functional level.

Working one on one with his clients to create an effective individualized rehab program to best meet their needs is what Micah is most passionate about. As evidence for treatment continuously evolves, Micah aims to keep up with the latest research and integrate it into his practice. He is a Complete Concussion Management Certified Practitioner and has experience doing baseline concussion testing, concussion assessments as well as post concussion and return to play rehab.
Outside of work, you can find Micah exploring the local trails. Mountain biking, running and hiking
are his favourite ways to stay active in the summer months. In the winter, he loves to embrace the
snow and get out on cross country skis or on the slopes downhill skiing.

With a background as a triathlete, distance runner and cyclist for many years; he understands how
important it is to find your limits, and then keeping pushing towards new ones.
Regardless of whether you’re training for a sport, restoring function from injury, or looking for ways to lead a more active life, Micah is happy to help and be a part of your journey.

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